Okay, so there is a new location in Riga where some of the most iconic cars of the past, present and future are brought to their best shape by our team of professionals. We, the BOLD team, are proud to announce that we are opening a new workshop. For the first time – not only available to our long-term private partners and customers, but open to anyone whose beloved vehicle needs a touch of magic to catch the eye of people on the streets and make them jealous.

Our specialists have broad experience in working with delicate paint jobs of oldschool classics, dealing with paint defects after poorly done paint jobs as well as meticulously taking care of the finest details of modern luxury vehicles.

Dozens of full restoration projects with complete disassembling and body parts fabrication from scratch. Full body paint jobs. Countless detailing, polishing and ceramic coating mini-projects. All of these have encouraged us to open a new BOLD workshop in Riga that is available to general public and offer our services to everyone.

Just remember – we are still passionate about iconic cars. This means they will always get top priority in our schedule, so don’t be mad about that.

Contact us to discuss further details, arrange an appointment or order our car detailing products. Oh, and by the way – all of our products can also be purchased in our new workshop as well. See you!