Plastic Glaze – Nano Coating

Ceramic coating for plastic and rubber elements


  • 60mL
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Plastic Glaze is a revolutionary protective nano glaze for cars, aircraft and marine vessels plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces. The new nano-polymer formula offers an extremely durable bright coat, which protects against road film, tar, bird droppings, acid rain and UV rays. PC is very hard, durable and abrasion resistant. Enhances surface colour and depth of gloss. For professional use only!



Wash and dry the vehicle to remove any dirt, dust and grime from the surfaces.


Apply to a clean & soft small applicator sponge and wipe on a small area. Continue wiping and buffing with the applicator until surface becomes smooth. For multiple coats repeat the application after 10 minutes.


Avoid water contact for 24 hours.


Don’t use in direct sunlight! Check for material suitability before using for the first time! Plastic Glaze is not for glass or painted surfaces!