MAX Foam Shampoo – Snow Foam Car Soap

Thick, super concentrated car soap for hand wash or snow-foam gun


  • 500mL
  • 3,8L
ID: CG1003 CAT:


Highly concentrated shampoo for car washing. Features rich and very durable foam. Perfect for use in snow-foam guns. Special components lubricates the surface breaking down dirt and grime allowing it to safely rinse off the surface preventing the abrading affections caused by friction. Max Foam Shampoo is pleasantly scented and does not irritate hands. Product is super concentrated and can be diluted up to 1:128. Great for automotive and marine applications. The soap is red and cherry-fermented.



Use prewash or rinse the vehicle with cool water.


Mix 5 ounces of soap in 5 gallons of water (1:128) or pour concentrate into sponge. Wash with clean washmit or sponge. Do not allow to dry on surface.


Rinse vehicle from top down. For best results use rinse aid (Drying Conditioner).