Leather & Plastic Cleaner – Interior

Cleans and restores a new look on leather, plastic, vinyl and artificial leather surfaces


  • 500mL
  • 3,8L
ID: 2002 CAT:


An advanced recipe for the ultra-strong tool for cleaning dirty cabin plastics and leather. The liquid is water-based and instantly usable. Can be diluted up to 1/100 with water for light dirt. It removes dirt from the pores and leaves the surface clean without greasy look. From one liter of concentrate, 11-101 liters of working solution can be used to clean slightly soiled surfaces.



Use undiluted concentrate or mix with water up to 1/10 (light soap up to 1/100). Before using test on a hidden surface!


Spray the substance onto the microfiber cloth or sponge and rub the surface gently. Allow the substance to penetrate a few seconds and clean the surface with a clean cloth.


Do not allow the material to dry on the surface! After cleaning, soften and protect leather with a leather conditioner.