Leather Conditioner – Auto Magic

Lanolin-based conditioner formulated for use on all leather interiors.


  • 1L
  • 3,8L
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Auto Magic Leather Conditioner is a thick, lanolin-based conditioner formulated for use on all leather interiors. It can also be used on vinyl and plastic surfaces. Formulated to maintain the beauty and durability of all types of fine leather. Regular use can prevent cracking and extend the longevity of leather. Penetrates quickly to restore suppleness, gloss and texture. Non-greasy formula dries quickly and leaves a pleasant leather scent.

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Shake Well.


Thoroughly clean surface prior to application. Pour a small amount of Leather Conditioner onto an applicator pad. Apply to the surface using overlapping, circular motions.


Remove excess with a soft, clean cloth. Repeat process if necessary.


Do not apply to suede. A little product goes a long way. Do not over-saturate leather. Use on cool surfaces.