Iron Remover – Van Der Knox

Strong iron particle remover


  • 1L
  • 5L


Van Der Knox Iron Remover is is a highly concentrated, acid-free and pH balanced car paint, wheels & glass cleaner. Van der Knox Iron Remover is effective and safe for use on all wheel types and car surfaces and will not deteriorate clearcoat.

Various chemical compounds and ferrous iron particles penetrate the paint and create corrosive compounds that eat deep into the paint’s sub-layers or paint’s pin-holes. This is a gradual process that often is not evident until it’s too late. Claying or polishing only removes the particle, not its effects, which are continuing to spread beneath the surface. During the use of your vehicle, brake dust and road grime become sintered to the surface of the car paint, rims and wheels due to the high temperature conditions they are normally exposed. Brake dust contains high levels of iron and once sintered to the rim, becomes extremely difficult to dissolve or remove without the use of harsh chemicals.

Van Der Knox Iron Remover opens up the paint’s pores to release ferrous particles and to neutralize caustic compounds that have developed in the paint’s subsurface. Ongoing damage is immediately stopped and future damage is prevented by removing the ferrous particles.

Sprays on as a thick, transparent, as the cleansing liquid begins to work into the dirt and grime, the formula begins to turn purple/ red. The purple/red coloration is the Iron Remover forming a bond to the sintered iron on the car paint and wheel and changing its state to a water soluble complex for easy removal. Stubborn, baked on grime may take a small amount of agitation.



Spray on cool surface and allow to act for 1-5 minutes.


Rub with a soft brush or sponge. Do not allow the surface to dry!


Rinse thoroughly with water.


Dilution ratio 1/0 – 1/20 depending on severity of contamination.