GYEON Q² CAN COAT 200 ml – Ceramic Coating

Simply spray onto the attached microfiber and wipe until you achieve full gloss. That is how easy it is to apply Q² CanCoat! This product provides an outstanding and durable SiO₂ based coating, which is easy to apply and durable at the same time.


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Gyeon Q² CanCoat is a very easy to use quartz coating aimed squarely at detailing enthusiasts looking to upgrade to silica-based paint protection for the first time. Indeed, the fundamental aim underpinning the development of Gyeon Q² CanCoat was to formulate a more accessible and user-friendly quartz coating, i.e. one that would be reasonably priced and extremely easy to apply. Gyeon have achieved this by downgrading and simplifying the formula used to make Gyeon Q² Pure and packaging it in a simple spray bottle. In doing so, they have retained most of the performance benefits associated with silica-based coatings (i.e. impressive looks, excellent durability and strong self-cleaning properties) and eliminated most of the factors that have the potential to trip up novice users (i.e. fiddly applicator systems, short drying times and long curing times).

The most notable benefits offered by Gyeon Q² CanCoat are as follows… Firstly, like the other SiO2-based coatings in the Gyeon range, it delivers unbelievable looks characterised by a strong colour jetting effect and excellent reflectivity and gloss. Secondly, because it is silica-based it forms a coating that is significantly harder and more durable than traditional sealants and waxes. So much so in fact, that it can withstand being cleaned with high-strength detergents and spirit-based tar removers without being significantly degraded. Thirdly, due to the extremely hydrophobic nature of the coating it lays down, Gyeon Q² CanCoat imparts a strong self-cleaning effect that actively repels fresh dirt and grime, meaning treated surfaces stay cleaner for longer. Lastly, thanks to its innovative packaging, it’s by far the easiest to use SiO2-based coating currently on the market, and no harder to use than a regular spray sealant. In fact, we love using it ourselves, and rate it very highly indeed!



You should apply Gyeon Q² CanCoat in a dry place out of direct sunlight. In all cases, prepare the surfaces you are going to treat in the normal way (wash > decontaminate > polish), and then do a wipe down with Gyeon Q²M Prep to ensure that they are spotlessly clean. For best results, spray Gyeon Q² CanCoat on to either the supplied microfibre towel or a PB Super Buffing Towel and immediately wipe it over a single panel to spread a thin, even film of product. Then refold the towel and continue buffing to fully remove the film and reveal an intense streak-free shine. Alternatively, mist a Meguiar's Even Coat Microfiber Applicator Pad with Gyeon Q² CanCoat and wipe a thin, even film of product over a single panel at a time before buffing off with either the supplied microfibre towel or a PB Super Buffing Towel. Either way, you should aim to complete all of the buffing off within 1-2 minutes, i.e. before the coating begins to harden.


After all panels are treated, wait for a minimum of an hour and then apply a second coat (we recommend applying 2-3 coats back to back, as the resulting finish will be awesome in terms of looks and durability). The car must then be left in a warm, dry place out of direct sunlight for a minimum of 4 hours to allow the SiO2 coating to harden (if you wish, you can accelerate this process by heating the treated panels to 60°C for 10 minutes using an infra-red heat lamp). Finally, to reduce the risk of water spots forming while the coating continues to cure (full curing takes around 24 hours to achieve), you should apply a protective topcoat of Gyeon Q²M Cure (you should also avoid washing the car with any kind of detergent for the first 7 days). Note that you must flush the spray head with hot water after each use; failure to do so will result in any product residue left in the spray head hardening and blocking it.


Detailed istructions manual included in box.