Glass Brightener – Glass Cleaner

Concentrated powerful alcohol and fat soluble substances agent for cleaning of glass surfaces


  • 500mL
  • 3,8L
ID: 5001 CAT:


Glass Brightener is a new, unique blend of alcohol and cleaning particles for cleaning glass, mirrors, stainless steel and chrome surfaces for automobiles. The new generation of Car Glaze’s technology leaves the streets, smoke, insects, woodblocks, soot and other dirt out of the clear surface. Thanks to its alcohol-based composition, the surface remains extremely clean and bright. Can also be used on tinted glass.



Spray a delicate layer of material on only one small surface, clean and buff the surface with a clean, lint-free paper or microfiber cloth.


May be used undiluted or diluted up to 1/2 with water. Do not allow the material to dry on the surface before cleaning!