Ceramic Glaze – Nano Coating

Professional-grade ceramic coating for painted car surfaces


  • 30mL
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Ceramic Glaze is a revolutionary protective glaze for cars, aircraft and marine vessels. The new formula offers an extremely durable bright coat, which protects against road film, tar, bird droppings, acid rain and UV rays. CG is very hard, durable and abrasion resistant. Enhances colour and depth of gloss. Our resins are used worldwide to prevent adhesion in the construction of military and commercial aircraft as well as many vehicles used in space programmes. For professional use only!



Wash and dry the vehicle to remove any dirt, grime, iron particles and tar spots from the bodywork. If surface is heavily contaminated use clay bar. It is recommended to polish the paintwork before application of ceramic coating. Degrease surface to remove any previously applied waxes and sealants.


Apply Ceramic Glaze to a clean & soft cotton cloth. Coat an area of 2-3 sq.ft and let stand for 20-25 mins.


Buff off with a clean and dry soft cloth. For maximum durability, recommended to apply 2 layers! Wait 1 hour before application of second layer. Avoid coated surface contact with water for minimum of 24 hours to avoid spotting.


Don't use in direct sunlight! Check for material suitability before using for the first time!