Tar & Glue Off – Cleaner


Non-diluting solvent for removal of tar, glue and stickers from glass, metal, plastic and painted surfaces.



Solvent based ready-to-use cleaner, that removes stains, tar, grease, oil, adhesive, wax, undercoating and overspray from car exteriors and wheels. Can also be used as an interior spot remover. Effectively removes petroleum-based stains from fabric surfaces. Great for automotive and marine applications. Suitable for use also on painted surfaces, glass, chrome, rubber, synthetic carpets & upholstery. Use to speed up your vehicle clean-up process!



500 ml, 1,0 l, 3,8 l


Check for material suitability before using for the first time!
Resistant surfaces: Spray to the surface, allow to act for a moment, or agitate with pad if required, wipe away or rinse with high pressure.
Delicate surfaces: Spay on soft pad or microfiber towel, rub gently, polish with clean towel.