Poly Seal – Liquid Polymer Wax


Latest generation one-step liquid polymer wax. Easy on – easy off – ready after 20 minutes! Wipes off easily without dust & mess. Updated formula contains premium synthetic polymers and natural ingredients. Polymers bond with the surface and prevent it from fading and oxidizing. Works great on all types of paintwork and all colors. Special components cleans, seals paint pores, provides quick, effortless high gloss shine and layer of protection against surface contaminants, rust, and UV rays. Great for automotive and marine applications.

ID: CG4003 CAT:


Nano polymer-based, highly shiny coating ensures long-term protection on the painted surface and is able to hide scratches and strikes. 20 cars can be waxed using one liter of product.



500 ml, 3,8 l


Wash and dry the vehicle to remove any dirt and grime from the bodywork. Don’t use in direct sunlight or if panels are hot to touch. Shake container before and during use. Apply product evenly over painted surface with an applicator pad, and allow to dry to haze. Polish with a soft polishing cloth or microfiber towel.

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