HD Wheel Restorer – For Chrome Coated Rims


Strong concentrate acidic agent for cleaning and shining chrome coated wheels. The special components also remove the burnt heavy dirt. Develops a water-repellent film that keeps the wheels clean longer! One liter of super-concentrate can be diluted from 11 to 51 liters of working mixture, which is enough even to wash up to 1100-5000 wheels for a regular cleaning.

ID: 4001 CAT:


Extremely strong acid rust cleaner for use on most chrome coated rims. Removes brake pad dust, heavy dirt, oxidized metal residues. Do not use uncovered magnesium, aluminum, plastic and paint surfaces! The product is easy to use because it cleans without scrubbing.



500 ml, 3,8 l


Dilute 1/10 (for light dirt up to 1/50) with water. Cool the rims before application. Test the suitability of the substance on a hidden surface! Spray the solution on a cool rim and let it last for up to 30 seconds. If necessary, rub with a wedge brush. Do not allow the material to dry on the surface! Rinse thoroughly with high pressure water. Excessive use may cause damage to the rims!


The product contains strong mineral acids. Always wear protective goggles, gloves and aprons when handling this product.